Le 4 competenze di un leader emozionalmente intelligente

Ho trovato questo articolo tratto da www.mindful.org particolarmente interessante!

“The best leaders in the corporate world have the knowledge and drive to make things happen—but that’s not all. They can tap into their emotions. If that sounds hokey, consider recent reports on stress levels and lack of downtime in the workforce (not to mention lack of sleep). Daniel Goleman, a former New York Times reporter and bestselling author, lays out the four key skills of an emotionally intelligent leader in the New York Times this week: self-awareness, self-management, empathy, and relationship skills (read about each in “How to Be Emotionally Intelligent”). Being tuned in to what’s going on in your mind is key to a good day at work. “People who can manage their emotions well are able to recover more quickly from stress arousal,” Goleman writes in a recent article. “This means, at the neural level, quieting the amygdala and other stress circuits, which frees up the capacities of the executive centers. Attention becomes nimble and focused again, the mind flexible, the body relaxed. And a state of relaxed alertness is optimal for performance.”

L’autore è il mitico Daniel Goleman, autore di “Leadership: The Power of Emotional Intelligence”